About Us

Brooklyn Democrats for Change (BDFC) is a local political club dedicated to helping make the Democratic Party more open and inclusive.

Our members work diligently to ensure that all voices are heard, regarding a variety of issues.

The individual members vote on every decision and we encourage lively discussion on issues and political candidates.

We are a grassroots organization being of -and out of- the community, endorsing and working for candidates who stand for democratic principles.

Local and state officials routinely attend our meetings and address relevant issues.

Public forums on important topics of the day -local and national- are also held at our general meetings.

BDFC is an organization that offers ordinary people the opportunity to participate in the political process.

Join us in helping to make our neighborhoods a better place to live and work.

Positions Taken

BDFC has taken positions on various community and national issues such as:

  • Supporting Redistricting Reform: Single contiguious legislative districts for Bay Ridge
  • Opposing hydrofracking in New York State
  • Supporting Universal Health Care with a public option
  • Opposing the sale of wine in New York grocery stores
  • Supporting neighborhood preservation efforts
  • Opposing the Waste Transfer Station nin Southern Brooklyn

Benefits of Joining

  • Interesting and informative monthly meetings
  • Meeting local elected officials and getting an opportunity to endgage with them in informative debate
  • Keeping informed on local issues
  • Participating in tours of local sights
  • Lively dinners and other social events
  • Make new friends who share similar ideas

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